WP.com Approaching 100k Blogs

February 9, 2006

Matt remarks that WordPress.com is about to hit 100,000 blogs. I suspect that makes it the largest WPMU host. Whether it is or not, the number is impressive, in terms of the number of people who have signed up (demand) and of the scalability of the software (supply). Congrats to Matt, Donncha, et al.

Matt’s remark is an aside (strictly speaking, an aside within an aside), in the context of the new Next Blog feature of WordPress.com. I don’t care for that feature. Although I’m as big a fan of serendipity as the next blogger, it’s highly unlikely to take me to a blog I’m interested in.

It reminds me of the similar “feature” of Blogspot. In fact, the whole bar at the top WordPress.com reminds me to the bar at the top of my old blog. If I wanted Blogger-like things, I’d have stayed with Blogger. Having said that, it’s not as bad as the BloggerBar, since the bar is only visible to those currently signed in to their WP.com account.

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