EduBlogs and Themes

January 24, 2006

James recently posted a couple of bits of theme-related news. One is that he has removed the grey bar from the top of this and each of the other 3000+ edublogs. Thanks for that!

The other is that he’s made the Fauna theme available. In fact, I’m currently using it on my Management Prof blog. It’s good for WordPress, and even better for WPMU, that the theme can be modified without direct access to its source code. Fauna is one of two themes I know about that allows this, Regulus being the other.

These two things are related, not just because they help us have better-looking blogs, but also because they suggest ways in which WPMU blogs can credit their host (edublogs in this case) in a variety of ways, depending on what each blogger finds appealing and attractive.

For example, I think it would be possible to make available a Fauna header graphic that included an edublogs logo.

It is certainly possible, in some themes other than Fauna and Regulus, to display images as part of links. There is currently a very clumsy example in the sidebar of this blog. A link to edublogs, including a logo, would be an appropriate part of the sidebar of this blog. I’m sure that other edubloggers would feel similar.

I hereby re-suggest an EduBlogs logo design contest…

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  1.   James Farmer Says:

    Oh, alright then :)

    When I’ve gotton over my hangover: