November 9, 2005

Themetastic! I have to agree with James about the wider selection of themes now available here at Edublogs. I have switched to “White as Milk,” which meets my current criteria for this blog’s theme. I like the way it looks. It has the sidebar on the left; I believe that this makes the sidebar, and hence the list of WPMU hosts, more prominent than when they were on the right.

6 Responses to “Theme(s)”

  1.   James Says:

    Looks cute, I’m a fan of this one too.. I like the l/align r/align thing

  2.   jerseyjoe Says:

    I’m new to WPMU and have been looking at many WP and some WPMU sites for ideas, inspiration and templates.

    I am amazed at how many sites put the navigation on the right site and depressed that so many ignore the large number of 800 by 600 users.

    I can understand how the hi-resolution thing has happened, with new monitors having it as default, but the reasoning, if any, for right-hand menus escapes me. Are all these programmers trained in the languages that read from right to left? Am I the only one who reads from left to right and who finds left-side menus intuitive and natural – but right-hand menus artificial, un-natural and a barrier to usability.

    What, if any, are the usability virtue of a right-hand menu??

  3.   Andrew Says:

    Thanks for your comment, and welcome to the WPMU community!
    I’ll tell you why I think that right-hand sidebars are usually better, and then tell you why I use a template with a left-hand sidebar for this blog.
    If your readers are used to reading from left to right, then yes, you put the stuff you want to emphasize on the left side of your blog layout. This is usually the content, that is, the posts themselves.
    It seems that your reading style when you get to a web page is to first check out the “menu.” Most of the time, when I get to a blog, it is because I want to read the content – often a particular post to which I’ve followed a link.
    This blog is unusual, because it is to a large extent an index of WPMU sites, and so the sidebar link lists are the “main course” as well as the “menu.”
    I hope that this helps, and once again, welcome!

  4.   jerseyjoe Says:

    Thanks for that explanation. I must admit there is a bit of a “everyone is out of step but Johnny” going on. You are correct that my reading style is left to right and I’m showing my conditioning when I want everything to be that way.

    I’ve just downloaded the RC1 that was released this morning and I’m looking forward to playing with it. If all goes well, I’ll have a test up on “” within the next hour.

    One thing I think I’ve already learned is that themes written for WP (single hosted) do not always work with WPMU. I have a test site up using the nightly build from a few days ago and a few of the themes I put on the server do not display in the resentation screen.

    For example, both the ensellitis and brajeshwar-v7-wp themes show up in the theme selector but with an error message for each that it lacks a Style Sheet – which, of course, is not true.

    So, I’m learning . . .

    Again, thanks

  5.   Andrew Says:

    Here are a few items of good news:
    - dozens of people have already set up WPMU sites – as you can see from the sidebar on the left :)
    - so you are far from alone, and, for any problem you hit, it’s likely that others have already found a way to cope with it
    - some of these people hang out and help out in the WPMU forums*
    - WPMU release candidate 1.0 is now available – as just announced by Donncha on that very forum!

    * Forums are at:
    I’m not trying to discourage you from commenting here, just to steer you to the best place to get help on WPMU!

  6.   jerseyjoe Says:

    Thanks. Point well made and well taken.