Got My WYSIWYG Working

August 16, 2005

After following the instructions in this post, the “broken posting buttons” problem seems to be fixed. There are icons rather than words in the buttons. In other words, posting in WP looks more like posting in most other blogging tools I’ve used. But what’s happened to my beloved blockquote button?

I should note that the above happened before I went to Options and indicated that I wanted the “visual rich editor.” Let me post this, then give that a try…

Update: things don’t seem to have got visually richer after I checked the box… 

2 Responses to “Got My WYSIWYG Working”

  1.   James Says:

    You’re a good test user you know!

    Blockquote isn’t there… good point… I haven’t had any joy in reverting to the former editing tools either… but it’s still early days on teh WSYWIG front.

  2.   Andrew Says:

    Yes I am a good test user… if you talk with the people giving out invites, please let them know that!